Saturday, August 6, 2011


5098 Aurora St North central Austin Texas.......The Mediterranean Chef Cafe

more pics of mural here

TEA Time?
 After a 2000 mile journey in a cargo van packed full of your belongings it is such a wonderful experience meeting a group of people that are willing to let you express yourself and your ideas.    

The Mediterranean Chef of Austin and the Newely established MEDITERRANEAN CHEF CAFE is that group of people. This mural was a gem to create. I hope people slow down on Koenig road and turn in for a treat. It is a honor to be apart of their buisness identity.

Turkish friends
Also special thanks to Nikki kaya for the time and creative freedom to create a special piece of art.

Sail boat

 And of course to every one in the neighborhood that stopped, honked, waved, made friendly conversation or even offered a cold beverage. Thanks alot and i hope you enjoy my artwork and join this blog if you like 

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